Proposals / Quotes / Estimates:


Building an estimate is a  very similar process to the way invoices are created - there are just a few short steps in the process.  Following are the screens / order you should follow when creating an estimate:


1. Submit Proposal Hours and/or Fees:

Submit your fees for an estimate for expenses on behalf of your client (Fees), or for an hourly fee (Hours).  The fees will be added to pending fees and will remain there until they are added to an estimate. 

Under Submit Proposal Fees Only:
To create a recurring item, such as web hosting, complete the last section in the form with the frequency that you'd like to add this item to their pending fees. The recurring item will not be invoiced until you create an invoice. You may also check the box for "Do Not Submit Fee; Only Establish Recurring Fee", if you wish to simply setup the recurring schedule and not submit this fee to the client at this time. Need help? View our ARB Tutorial.

2. Pending Proposal Hours & Fees:

The Pending Proposal Hours & Fees is a list of the number of pending proposal hours, and pending proposal fees that have not yet been added to an estimate for each of your clients. If any hours or fees are pending, you will be able to create a proposal by clicking on the "Create Estimate" link. 

If you would like to edit or delete existing pending hours or fees, click on Review under the appropriate column. You will then see a list of the pending charges, and have the option to edit or delete the item(s). 

Only clients with pending proposal hours or fees are listed here.  

3. Build A Proposal:

You will be taken through several steps to create an estimate, including adding pending hours and miscellaneous fees to the estimate, and finally, choosing the method to send the estimate to your client. Begin by choosing a client to send an estimate to in the field available.

Note: Assigning a salesperson allows you to track your estimates for commissions or general sales reporting. 

4. View Proposals / Quotes / Estimates:

Here you can view your issued estimates and filter by client, date or estimate number. To convert the estimate to an invoice and send to the client, select the Convert To Invoice link.