When submitting a fee, you have the option to make it a recurring fee. It's important to note that recurring fees are not automatically invoiced. Recurring invoices are based on the recurring schedule for a client under Edit/Add Clients.

When a fee recurs on its due date, it is added to the client's pending fees until it is invoiced. This allows you to setup various different recurring fees with different recurring schedules, and still issue only one consolidated invoice.

Setup your recurring fees to recur one day before your recurring invoice is issued to make sure all fees are included in the invoice.

Establishing a client with recurring billing is done in a few short steps: 

1. Establishing the client and their invoicing schedule 

2. Submitting fees for the client that will recur 

A scheduled process runs daily that looks for clients who should be invoiced that day. It then collects all pending fees and hours, and creates an invoice for that client. The invoice is completed using defaults that you setup in your Preferences section. For instance, the default due date, notes to be included on the invoice, your currency setting, etc. If your preferences are set to email the client a copy of the invoice, one will be sent as the invoice is created. Otherwise, no email will be sent to the client. 


Step One: Establish Client and Settings

1. Click on the Edit/Add Clients link under the Submit Charges menu 

2. Begin completing all of the information on the client screen. Under the "Automatic Invoice Settings", select the next date that you'd like to invoice this client and the frequency under "Invoice Creation Recurs Every:". If you want a client to be invoiced for the first time on April 10, 2003, you would use the calendar pop-up, or enter 4/10/2003 as the Next Invoice Date. You would then select "1 Month" as the value for "Invoice Creation Recurs Every" to have the invoice creation recur every month from April 10th. 

3. If you are not signed up for the Automated Recurring Billing through the Payscape or Authorize.Net package (ARB package), you will not see the next part of this screen. Submit the form button, and proceed to the next step. If you are signed up for our ARB package, you will see the section below. If you'd like to automatically charge your client's credit card on their invoice due date, check the option for "Auto Charge Client's Oustanding Balance on Due Date". Checking this option will automatically send the transaction details to Payscape or Authorize.Net for processing on the client's invoice due date. 

4. Enter your client's credit card information in the last section. Your client will also be able to update their credit card information by logging into the client administration section. Please note that all screens will only reveal the last 4 digits of the credit card. 

When completed, submit the form, and proceed to the next step.



Step Two: Submit Recurring Fees

1. Click on the Submit Fees link under the Submit Charges menu 

2. Complete the submit fees screen by choosing your client, the description of the fee, the price, quantity and recurring schedule. In this case we've setup a monthly recurring fee for Test Client for $50.00 per month (your currency may not be dollars, but the process is the same). The description "Monthly Web Hosting" in this case, will be displayed as an item on the invoice. 

To add this fee to the client, click submit. If you do not want this client to actually be billed for this charge at this time, check the box for "Do not submit fee; only establish recurring fee". 

You may repeat this process as many times as needed for each client. For instance, you may have a client that pays for a domain once per year, their hosting fees once per month and an additional feature once every 2 years. Establish each of these fees here. Fees are only items on an invoice. The invoice schedule established in the client screen will determine how often the client receives an invoice with all of their consolidated fees. 




Automatic invoicing collects all outstanding fees for the client on their Next Invoice Date. Therefore, it is a best practice to set your recurring fees to recur 1 day before the Next Invoice Date. That ensures that all fees will be included on the invoice. If you need to edit or delete a recurring fee at any time, you may click on the Recurring Fees link on the left, under the Invoices section. 

Automated Recurring Billing through Payscape sends the transaction automatically to Payscape on the client's invoice due date. If your due date is 7 days after the invoice is created, for instance, the transaction will not be sent to Payscape until the 7th day. If the transaction is approved, your client's invoice and balance will be updated. All approved and declined transactions are logged, and can be viewed in the Payscape Charges link on the left.