Editing & Deleting Invoices:


Editing or Deleting invoices in BillingOrchard can be done in just a few quick steps.


1. Click on VIEW INVOICES, locate the invoice to be edited and click on DELETE next to that invoice.

2. This screen will show the details of the invoice and give you the following options:

a. Delete Hours and/or Fees.

b. Send Hours and/or Fees back to Pending Invoice Hours & Fees.





To delete your invoice, simply change the Action Controls to 'Delete' (see graphic above) on those Hours/Fees you wish to delete.  Update all of them to Delete if you wish to delete the entire invoice.  Click DELETE INVOICE* to confirm.  

Note: *Deleting an invoice cannot be undone.  



1. To edit your invoice, be sure all of the Action Controls are set to 'To Pending' (see graphic above).  Once completed, click DELETE INVOICE to confirm.  

2. Click on Pending Invoice Hours & Fees to view the invoice fees that were recently sent there.  At this point you can add more hours/fees or edit those fees and click on Create Invoice to recreate your invoice.  You can use the same invoice number/dates, if desired.