User Accounts

You can create Admin and Non-Admin users in your BillingOrchard account.  This allows you the option of controlling who has access to your BillingOrchard system, whether users should have full or limited access, password changes as well as the ability to remove access when needed.  

User Types:

Admin - Admin users have access to the entire system, including creating new users and updating payment information.

Non-Admin - Non-Admin users have limited access to the system.  They can create new invoices, track time and change system settings, however, they do not have access to Clients, Estimates, Reports or user accounts.

Creating User Accounts:

Click on your username in the top right corner --> My Account.  From there, click on Users in the sub-menu (Username --> My Account --> Users).  The sub-menu is located just below the Home tab.

From there, click +Add User to add a new user.  Add the Name, Set A Username (email address recommended), Set A Password, Email Address and Title, if applicable.  Additionally, if an Admin User (full system access), check the box below the Department/Title field.  Click Create to complete the process.