Settings Overview

The Settings section is essentially the 'brains' of your BillingOrchard account and any changes made in this section will affect your system globally (system-wide).

Your system Settings are comprised of three main categories:

1. Invoice Settings

The Invoice Settings section allows you to set many of you invoice default settings.  This includes your Default Due Date, Signature Text (appears on all invoices), and a number of invoice setup options.

2. Automated Email Settings

Automated Email Settings includes the template Settings for all email templates available in your BillingOrchard system.  For example, the "Resend past due invoices" template allows you to adjust how and when late invoices are automatically sent to your clients.  Clicking the "Settings" button allows you to adjust and save these templates as needed.

3. System Settings

Your System Settings includes settings for your system Tax Rate, Currency Format, Late Fees, etc...


View the video below for a more in-depth look at the your system Settings options: