Reports Overview

There are a number of report options available in the Reports section of your BillingOrchard account.  Some of these reports include:


- Expenses

- Late/Aging

- Unpaid Invoices

- Recurring

- Payments

- Taxes

- Fees

- Hourly

- Invoice Detail (The Invoice Detail export includes invoice service and description detail)

- *Clients

- *Invoices

- *Estimates

- *Gateway Payments


The various reports offer different reporting options so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various reports and the features they offer.  For example, the Payments report allows you to select a client and delete payments as needed.  

* Reports noted are found in areas of the BillingOrchard system not located under the 'Reports' tab.  For example, under the Invoices tab is your list of invoices.  Within that section, different filtering options are available as well as an export option located in the bottom left section, in which your report can be export to one of the following formats: Excel, CSV, Text