New User System Walk Through :: Getting Started With BillingOrchard!


Getting started and creating invoices with BillingOrchard in just four quick and easy steps!  

1. Settings:

Familiarizing yourself with the system Settings is a great way to get started with your BillingOrchard system. Take your time and review all of the available features - you never know when one may come in handy!

2. Clients:

Adding clients by clicking on +Add Client will allow you to get started creating invoices immediately!



3. Set Defaults:

Creating Set Defaults through Invoices --> Set Defaults allows you to preset your fee-based and/or hourly rates.  These amounts can be pulled into the invoice template to make creating invoices a snap! 



4. Invoices:

Clicking the Invoices tab allows you to create an invoice.  Just click on +Create New Invoice to get started!