Dashboard Overview

Located under the Home tab, this screen provides the tools and information necessary to keep track of your important account information.


The Quick Account Summary includes quick access to:

- Active Clients

- Total amount invoiced

- Total of unpaid invoices

- Total amount of late invoices

- Support tickets awaiting replies, if applicable


At a glance, you can view additional account information, such as:

- Year to Date Income

- Aging Invoices

- Future Recurring Revenue

- Client’s Pending Items


Note the Quick Reference shortcut (+NEW).  This shortcut allows you to add the following, all from the dashboard screen!:


- Create invoices

- Create Estimates

- Add Time

- New Clients

- New Users


Merchant Accounts:

Need a merchant account so you can start accepting credit cards?  Simply click on the Shopping Cart in the header, enter your contact information and a BillingOrchard representative will contact you as soon as possible!



Create your first invoice immediately by clicking on the "Create Your First Invoice" link provided.


Pricing Options:

Additionally, you can access various pricing alternatives through Pricing link in the sub menu.  The Pricing menu option allows you to update your Billing Information or review different BillingOrchard subscription options to further enhance your BillingOrchard account.