Creating Recurring Fees

Recurring Fees Part I

To create your recurring fee, follow these steps:


1. Click on the Invoices tab

2. Click on +Create New Invoice

3. Assign client and fee(s) to be charged

4. Determine the date of the first invoice.  If not the current date, adjust the Invoice Date and Due Date in the upper right corner of the invoice template

5. Click on Recurring

6. Enter the Next Bill Date.  This is the date of the 'next' or 'second' invoice and the system will create fees based on the date and recurring rate from the details entered in this box.  For example, if you set the Invoice Date as 06/01/2013 on the invoice template and you want a monthly recurring invoice, the Next Bill Date should be 07/01/2013.  This will ensure the next invoice will be created on that date.

7. Set your recurring cycle appropriately.  For monthly invoices, this would be set as "Recurs Every: 1 Month"

8. Invoice Stop Date.  You can set a date for your recurring invoice to stop generating.  This feature is found in the client record, under the Automatic Invoice Settings section.  To set your stop date, enter the date of the day after the last invoice to be created.  The system will stop generating Recurring Fees after the date setup, however, it is a good idea to remove those fees through Reports --> Recurring at some point after the Invoice Stop Date has taken effect.

Recurring Fees Part II (Optional)


To set your recurring fee to charge your client's credit card/bank account automatically, follow these steps:


1.  Click on the Clients tab 

2. Locate the client to be charged and click the green pencil to edit

3. Check the appropriate box option of 'Credit Card Recurring' or 'eCheck Recurring'

4.  Enter the payment information, being sure to enter the full credit card number and expiration date OR full bank account and routing number, and click on Update Client


Once the above steps are completed, you can view the first invoice in the invoice listings under the Invoices tab.  Click on Invoices --> Recurring Fees (in sub-menu) to Edit/Delete existing Recurring Fees.