Creating Multiple Recurring Fees


Sometimes it is necessary to invoice a client multiple times per month or even provide separate monthly and quarterly invoices, for example.  The feature discussed in this article can be utilized in these types of cases, specifically, however, does require some maintenance to ensure your recurring fees are processing correctly.

Multiple recurring fees can be created for one client by first creating your Recurring Fee, as normal, through the invoice template.  Follow this link for more details on creating Recurring Fees: RECURRING FEES

Once your Recurring Fees are created, navigate to the client account through the Clients tab.  Scroll down to your Automatic Invoice Settings.  Adjust the 'Invoice Creation Recurs Every' detail to 'Every 1 Day'.*  

*This must be the last step since the Automatic Invoice Settings are updated automatically when a recurring invoice is created.  Following this step will ensure the system grabs the fees created by the multiple recurring fees created on their specific dates during each month.

As always, it is necessary to review your recurring fee setup after the fees have been created.  To do this, view the following: 

  • The invoices created through the Invoices tab
  • The Recurring Fees created by clicking on Reports --> Recurring
  • The Automatic Invoice Settings through the Clients tab