Applying Payments


Applying payments to invoices can be done a few different ways.  You can apply a payment to a single invoice or you can apply bulk payments to multiple invoices on the same screen, saving time.


To apply a payment to a single invoice, go to the Invoices or Clients tab and click on "Apply Payment":


1. Click on Apply Payments.

2. Select the client in the drop down menu for which the payment will be applied.

3. Select the way the payment should be applied.  There are three options:

Apply Payment To Account

Record down payments or other payments made outside of a standard invoice payment. After an invoice is created, you may then apply this payment to the invoice. 

Apply Payment To Invoice

Use this option if your client is paying for a specific invoice. You will select the invoice next. 

Apply Account Balance To Invoice

Use this option to move funds from the client's account balance to one of their invoices. 


4. Once your payment option has been selected, click Next.

5. Complete the fields in the attached screen and click Apply Payment.  

6. Your payment has been applied.  You can verify the payment by going to Reports > Payments.


To apply bulk payments to multiple invoices, click on Invoices, select the boxes to the left of the invoices to be paid and click on Apply Payment in the header of the invoice listing.


In the next screen, click on the "Method" dropdown to reveal the payment methods available for the first invoice to be paid.  Select the appropriate payment method, completing the remaining information and click on Apply Payment.  Repeat this process with the remaining invoices on the screen waiting to be paid.

Below is a short video overview of the Apply Payments section: